our work.

We craft products with continuous development and co-create them with our customers. The result is a set of simple to use and yet complex solutions.

  • Shopfloor Cockpit Factory Manager

    IOS, Android, Web

    Measuring key data and seeing it in real time made easy with a system comprised of two mobile apps and one web app. Already measured more than 1828 hours and has almost 60 projects documented.

  • Kolloquium Event Manager

    IOS, Android, Web

    The Kolloquium System consists of a content management system for events and an app that was developed for the Excellence in Production 2014 event organized by the Fraunhofer IPT and WZL der RWTH Aachen.

  • Urbbox Virtual Waiter

    IOS, Android, Web

    Urbbox allows the customer to search for products and services of a restaurant or hotel, place an order and ask for the check, all through their own smartphone.

  • Bynd Corporate carpooling

    IOS, Android, Web

    Bynd provides a mobility solution for enterprises by connecting employees with similar routes to share their rides. The software intelligence considers all possibilities including matches on the go and using public transportation as a complementary option.


Our development method is our main product, created through the experience of working together in more than 10 apps we have reached a fast and reliable way of working.

  • Fast Development

    We utilize scrum and agile techniques to be able to deliver onde product version each two weeks.

  • Unlimited Support

    We help our customers not only technically but on how to make the best use of our solutions.

  • Better Price

    Through cocreation and multiple iterations we can supply with a cost below the market price.

  • Advanced Projects

    Through collaboration and lean production we have been enabled to create truly high end solutions.


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